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Training on Demand is a convenient way to receive training on the specific technology applications or skills you need to learn.  It is radically different from the traditional professional development model in which you wait to register for workshops that are of interest to you.  With Training on Demand, you determine the topic, find at least three other colleagues that have a similar interest, and then a Technology Coordinator will teach the workshop.  


  • Group Learning

  • Flexibility to mix and match multiple workshop topics

  • Time and place convenient to your needs

What you need to do:

  • Have a clear idea of what you want to learn

  • Convince at least two or three other faculty members that the topic is worthwhile

  • Determine a common date and time for the workshop

  • Submit the above information to the Academic Technology Director (Dino Vandenheede) at least two weeks in advance

The Academic Technology Director will get back to you within 48 hours as to whether a Technology Coordinator is capable of leading the training. 

Working with a Technology Coordinator, you will determine an appropriate time length for the workshop and specific topics that will be covered.   


Last Modified:  July 22, 2008